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District Mission / Vision

Hawthorn School District 73 is dedicated to achieving academic excellence. We believe in Learning for All, Working Together, and Doing Whatever It Takes!

Hawthorn School District 73 will provide a world class, whole-child education and equitable opportunities for all students in an environment that respects diversity and fosters collaborative partnerships among stakeholders while maintaining financial strength.

  • Whole-Child Education: Education should focus on the whole child.
  • Financial Strength: Financial strength must be a top priority.
  • Equity: Student opportunities must be equitable.
  • Shared Decision-Making: Decision-making should be shared and inclusive of internal and external stakeholders
  • Innovation: The district will be innovative and forward thinking.
  • High Expectations: High expectations will be fostered for students and staff.
  • Parent Involvement: Parent involvement will be encouraged.
  • Community Partnership: The district will work toward a full-service community school district.
  • Global Perspective: The district will maintain a global perspective when preparing students for future success.

Adopted January 2011