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Learning @ Hawthorn

Hawthorn Social/Emotional Learning Standards

It is our goal at Hawthorn to provide a well-rounded education to every child, which not only addresses their academic needs, but their social and emotional needs, as well.  These standards provide a framework for our teachers to utilize in order to support children in their development as successful individuals in life.  Hawthorn standards are aligned with the Illinois State Social/Emotional Learning Standards, include Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions and are addressed through activities and lessons at the building and classroom level.

Curriculum Guides

Social Emotional Learning Grades K-8

Enduring Understandings Grades K-8
Students will understand that . . .

  • What we feel affects what we do.
  • Learning about others is essential for success in life.
  • We are responsible for ourselves and our own choices.

Essential Questions Grades K-8

  • How do my feelings affect my actions?
  • How can I manage my feelings in order to be successful?
  • Who am I and how do I affect others?
  • What do I want and how can I achieve it?
  • How do others’ feelings affect me?
  • How do differences among groups or individuals affect their relationships?
  • How can I make and keep friends?
  • Why is conflict important?
  • How can conflicts be resolved?
  • Why are rules important?
  • How can I make healthy decisions for myself even if others disagree with my decisions?
  • Why is it important to be a positive contributor to my environment (home, school, community)?