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District Information / Building Scheduling

Building Scheduling


June 6, 2012  To everyone who uses Hawthorn facilities for activities or events, Monday-Friday, our buildings will now be shut down at 9:00 p.m., starting in Summer 2012. All activities and participants to be exited and out of the building no later than 9 p.m.  Thank you.


Jennifer Heavrin * Facilities Department Contact
James Staples * Facilities Manager
HOTLINE: 847.990.4292
FAX: 847.990.4297
EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Hawthorn School District #73 reserves the right to make any adjustments or cancellations in the areas as scheduled at anytime and if it becomes necessary.
Hawthorn School District #73 reserves the right to terminate contracts on any bills that are outstanding or in default for 30 days or more.  (Any outstanding bills will be turned over to Collections.)

*Scheduling for District Office space is handled through Gloria Bentzen, 847.990.4223.



Space requests that fall within the school day should go to the respective building’s main office. You can find the individual building contact numbers under: http://www.hawthorn73.org/schools/


Regarding outside of school hours, within the Building Schedule Center, classrooms are not available to rent to outside groups.  We do not rent or book classrooms.


Outdoor fields, parking lots, and playgrounds are not available or rented out to outside groups. Also, the Building Scheduler does not reserve outdoor spaces for school activities on the master schedule, which is used for in-building spaces, only. If Hawthorn personnel need to use an outdoor space for a school-related activity (both during or outside of schoolday hours), it is suggested that you talk with your building principal and PE staff to determine how students and classes might be impacted and to work out any schedule conflicts. If your school shares outdoor space with other buildings, please contact those administrators and PE staff members as well to insure that all activities can be accommodated. For special activities such as Field Days, please notify the Facilities Department/Building Scheduler so they we can contact our landscaper and request no lawn service for the specified dates.


The Hawthorn Building Schedule Center is in place to make sure custodial staffing and set up is available for each event. The Center also monitors the facilities calendar in an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts. The Schedule Calendar is separate from the District’s online school event calendar or the District’s website announcements. Website postings are handled through each school or by contacting the District Office .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



Building schedule usage requests go through the weblink below, for both internal or external events.

The Building Schedule Center and this webpage offer guidelines and procedures for handling space rental/usage of Hawthorn School District #73 facilities. Before calling the Building Schedule Hotline (847.990.4292), please read through this guide. Many questions, concerns, and needs can be answered through this webpage and the downloads provided.

Please note that phone or email messages are not considered requests. All accepted requests are based on availability, payment commitment, and district approval, per the rules and regulations of Hawthorn School District #73’s Building Usage Agreement.  Your agreement/approval to the terms and conditions use of HD73 Buildings is prior to starting your request.  When you click ACCEPT, it is considered an approval to the terms and conditions of the agreement on your behalf. Pricing and fees are subject to change at any given time.

Quick and Simple Tutorial – Key Points

By accepting the terms and agreement, is the transition and change to signing the full agreement, hence going GREEN!  You can find the download on this site, if you would like to view or print a copy.

Individual and Random Dates – Suggest for Internal events, PTO, Scouts, outside groups, PD random needs. 

Repeating Weekly Dates – Suggest for Internal sports, PE Blocks, AJ, Park District Enrichment Programs

Times:  Make sure you note, as such, for example – 7:00 PM (space in between is required)

All room requests take place on the FIRST FLOOR.  Townline is noted as Bldg Schedule Usage Areas.  The link provides step by step instructions to go onto each page. 

If the space is not available, it will automatically tell you it is not available. The system will give you the option to pick another date(s).  Once the request is accepted, you will get a receipt email, then once an approval takes place, you will receive an email approval or deny within 5 business days.  Hence, you will be receiving a total of two emails.

Please note the following:

Park District

There are buildings noted specifically for Park District ONLY to help the designee or PD Requestor with standard schedules they have had in the past.  Outsiders requesting rooms noted to Park District will be rejected.

Scouts/Scout Affiliated Groups

Townline, Aspen, and Elementary South are the primary, consistent locations for after school meetings and are considered to be shared locations to open up more space.  You will have a choice of Café A or Café B at your location choice, please choose one and note your timeslot.  For the schools noted previously, first choose, Café A Shared, If the system says there is conflict, choose Café B Shared.  If there is still a conflict, that means both areas are booked.  If you book both gyms for the groups, the request will be rejected.  After school times are considered to be shared with another group, no more than two groups will share a space.  If you do not want to share, we suggest noting this in the comments sections (or booking times after 6:30pm, as more timeslots and buildings open up) or your request will sit in the que until all shared groups are accommodated to our ability.  Please note, requests are not a guarantee of space.  As HD73 grows and more programs are offered, space does get taken very quickly.

*Please note – Certificate of Insurance (COI) for the groups above are due each year, prior to expiration.  These are mandatory and must be kept on file at Hawthorn School District 73.  Without a current COI, group meetings can not continue their meetings or events until completed.

More than one room/space needed – No need to send in a separate request for the same building, just click ADD A ROOM, at the bottom, there is button the last page of the request.


Internal events take priority within our schools. If internal events require another event to be canceled or “bumped,” an internal “bump form” with required administrative signatures must be completed before confirmation of that booking.  Hawthorn School District #73 reserves the right to make any adjustments in the areas as scheduled if it becomes necessary.


PE BLOCKS are only allowed for gym equipment that can not be easily moved out of the area on a nightly basis for afterschool/evening programs.
PE Blocks are considered a space usage request and must be submitted accordingly through the new weblink by the requestor.

If you do not want your gyms, cafeterias or libraries used during BOOKFAIR weeks or entire school used for an event, you must request the space.  It is considered a space request and must be submitted accordingly through the new weblink.

We do not send reminders for yearly space usage needs or repeated yearly requests.  They are the responsibility of the leader or requestor, and are to be submitted through the weblink.

Internal Sports – getting requests in a timely manner, will cause the least amount of conflict amongst groups.  Sport practices or times needed in space involving the Gyms, Cafeterias, or Multipurpose Rooms are considered a space request.  Please submit accordingly through the weblink.

Internal Staff - Once your event shows a rejection through the weblink, the requestor is to fax over the bump form with the required approval signatures.  Once the procedure of bumping is completed, we will inform you to enter your request through the link.  We can not move forward until the bump form is received.

Internal Only Bump Form

Early Submittions - If one submits earlier than specified Timeline Acceptances (see download on this webpage), your request will sit in the que until your Timeline arrives and/or pending timing, it will bump/reject out until your date arrives.  We ask that respectfully, you wait until your timeline date occurs.  Thank you in advance.

Cancellations – Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with time and date of cancellation.

Changing dates – Put in a new request through the weblink, and in the comments section, note the original date you are overriding (canceling).

Agreement and Fees Download


A list below is available to assist you in preparing for your event. In addition, please review this entire website and all accompanying downloads.

The Building Schedule handles most internal and external space scheduling requests. However, requests for athletic space for non-Hawthorn teams should go through The Vernon Hills Park District If you would like your event to appear on the Hawthorn District 73 event calendar or on the Community Notes webpage, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Available Spaces:

The Building Schedule books cafeterias, gyms and multipurpose rooms, where and when available. (Libraries are booked internally only and only with the approval of the librarian/principal.) Available spaces include:

Elementary North – cafeteria, gym, multipurpose room (all are adjacent spaces in respective order, accessed via entrance doors; gym/multipurpose have an internal door connection)

Townline – cafeteria, east gym, west gym *(gyms are on each side of cafeteria) 

Middle North – cafeteria, gym *(connected by stage)

Elementary South – cafeteria, gym (two separate locations)

Aspen – cafeteria, gym (separate locations, in between bathrooms and locker rooms)

Middle South – cafeteria, gym, multipurpose room *(café and multipurpose are connected by retractable wall)

*Noise factors may exist between scheduled groups/events and might impact your location choice.
* Classrooms are not available for usage or rental space.  Internal classroom usage needs are amongst the individual schools’ consent.


Elementary North and Elementary South are not able to schedule any events in their gyms and Elementary North’s cafeteria until after 6:30 p.m. due to Hawthorn Afterschool Club (HAC) needs. Middle North and Middle South are not able to schedule any events in their gyms (for the entire year) and cafeterias (from October through the end of the school year) until after 6:30 p.m. due to internal sports games and practices. Townline has very limited space available in their gyms (and in on some days, in their cafeteria) until after 6:30 p.m. Aspen is not able to schedule any events in their gyms and cafeterias until after 3:15 p.m. due to Hawthorn Afterschool Club (HAC) departures. District 73’s in-house, school-based needs always take precedence with regard to space usage. The District 73 master calendar, which is set in late-spring prior to each school year, is available at www.hawthorn73.org

Note that Monday through Friday activities cannot extend beyond 9:30 p.m.

Please download and review the Order of Acceptance Guidelines  For each school year, space usage requests must be submitted for that respective year according to the Order of Acceptance guidelines. We cannot make assumptions about possible events. Therefore, whether an event is new or repeated annually, a request must be submitted through the link. We do not send reminders.

Hawthorn school activities take priority over all other activities. Unfortunately, conflicts can arise within our buildings after space has been reserved by our outside partners. Please note that while we will make every effort to accommodate all requests and make logical use of the space available, the needs of our Hawthorn activities will be given priority. If Hawthorn does need access to space previously reserved for outside partners, we will contact you so that you can make alternate plans.

Set ups

You have the choice to click general set ups and indicate extra info in the comments section within the request or complete a separate facilities diagram or select SEND AN IMAGE through the software program which allows you send/email your own floor plan set up via an IMAGE.  Whether you are scheduling for a new or previously scheduled event, a set-up diagram or instructions is required, if set up is needed, otherwise it is assumed there is not one.  Diagrams/set up requests must be submitted no later than 4 weeks before the event. If you do not send via the IMAGE on the request, they can be faxed. Reminders to submit a diagram/set up request are not sent. The diagram/set up is the requestor’s responsibility.

Outside organizations (outside of internal and PTO) events must supply a certificate showing proof of insurance, to be on file within 2 weeks of the planned event. The certificate of insurance must be current and sent for each group outside of PTO and Internal Groups - NO EXCEPTIONS can be made.  You do so through your request by uploading an IMAGE at the end of the request.  There is a choice box to do so.  Mail, fax or PDF email is permitted if unable to upload IMAGE at time of request through the weblink.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are available at Hawthorn. However, it is the responsibility of non-school groups using our facilities to ensure that their own representatives have been properly trained in the use of AEDs.


Additional Time: If you are holding an event that might require set up or rehearsal time, please incorporate that extra time into your request. For instance, you may need to also book the same space for the evening before.

Institute Days: Half-day institutes are still considered full work days for staff. Most schools hold seminars, staff meetings, etc. that require use of the gyms, cafeterias and multipurpose rooms.  For the purpose of the Building Scheduler, outside usage begins after the normal, full day dismissal time at each building.

Winter/Spring Break, Holidays, Institute Days: During these times, we do not rent out or allow space usage in order for us to undertake larger-scale cleaning, repair, and maintenance projects, which are more efficiently accomplished while students and staff are not present. (The exception is HAC, which maintains break-time programming at Elementary North.) Holidays, full institute days, and some extended weekends/holiday weekends are normally considered non-usage times, unless approved/required by the Facilities Manager or District Office.

Summer Usage: Summer break building usage is limited in order to support Hawthorn’s summer education programs, maintenance projects, camps, HAC and other summer programs. Please check District 73’s website http://www.hawthorn73.org for dates, locations and times for summer schools, band camps, etc.

Cancellations and School Closings: If Hawthorn schools are closed due to poor weather, all events taking place in our schools, on Hawthorn #73’s campus, are also canceled. Occasionally, poor weather will prompt Hawthorn to “close” our buildings to after-school activities. Such school closings are posted on www.hawthorn73.org Please check when applicable. If school is not closed, the event cancellation policy will take effect if you do not use the space you have reserved.  (Please note:  VH Park District activities that are not on Hawthorn’s campus are a separate entity.  VH Park District Direct Number:  847-996-6800.)

Tables: We have a small inventory of 8-foot buffet tables available in our schools.  We cannot transport individual building’s tables for use at other schools.  If our inventory is unable to supply your needs for tables, chairs, etc., please consider contacting an outside rental firm.  (Taylor Rental, Mundelein: 847.949.0500.)

Other common needs:

Kitchen needs are booked, billed, and organized separately through Sodexho (Jackie McBride: 847.990.4418)

External groups:  We cannot rent or lend out school AV equipment.

Internal groups:  Please contact the Tech Help for technology needs.

Invoicing is done at the end of each month and will be sent via email or regular mail.

Map - http://www.hawthorn73.org/info/maps/