Hawthorn District News

(Updated 10/11/12)  If school needs to be cancelled because of snow or other circumstances, Hawthorn will work to make that determination before 6 a.m. each day. Missed days will be “made up” at the end of the year by adding days to the calendar.


When snow or other circumstances require our schools to close, Hawthorn will provide information in several ways…

  • Hawthorn will activate our automated emergency notification system to send a recorded voice message to each student’s home telephone number, as provided during registration. Parents also have the option of managing their emergency notifications by logging in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal to change/add telephone numbers, request text messaging, and request email messaging. For more information on the automated emergency notification system, visit www.hawthorn73.org/notify.

  • We will post information on the front page of the District website (http://www.hawthorn73.org).

  • We will provide information to www.emergencyclosings.com.

  • We will also join with other area schools in announcing cancellations on a number of radio and television stations. Radio and TV stations pull their information from the Emergency Closings website (see above). In general, radio stations include WGN AM 720, WLS 890 AM, WXLC 102.3 FM, WTMX 101.9 FM. In general, TV stations picking up the announcements include CBS Chicago Channel 2, NBC 5 Chicago, WLS-ABC TV Channel 7, WGN TV Channel 9 and WFLD TV Channel 32.

  • You may also sign up to receive email notification of closings at www.emergencyclosings.com. However please note that previous experience shows that during particularly busy times, notifications from this organization may not be done in the timely manner you require.


Note that when Hawthorn closes school, all other activities that take place in our buildings on that day are also cancelled. Examples of activities that will also be cancelled include after-school sports, clubs, Park District activities, concerts, Scout gatherings and parent meetings.

Sometimes, changing weather requires Hawthorn to cancel after-school activities, only. That decision is generally made by 1:30 p.m. of the day in question, and is communicated via the District website. Once again, such an after-school cancellation will impact both Hawthorn and non-Hawthorn events that use our buildings, including sports, clubs, Park District activities, concerts, Scout gatherings and parent meetings.

Also note that the Hawthorn Afterschool Club on-site daycare generally stays open when all other after-school activities are cancelled. Please check directly with HAC for specific schedules, 847-548-0771.

  • The decision to cancel school or after-school activities is taken very seriously and done after careful consideration. Hawthorn is in constant contact with surrounding school administrators, the bus company, our facilities team, and even local emergency responders in order to make the most informed decision possible. That said, weather patterns can shift substantially from meteorologists’ predictions. We urge parents to be proactive in monitoring the District website and other communications on days when the weather appears threatening so that you and your family can be properly informed.

  • As a rule, Hawthorn will make every attempt to not dismiss school early, due to the age of our students and the difficulty in ensuring that a parent or care giver will be home if school is dismissed earlier than usual.

  • Even if the schools are open, the final decision about a child’s attendance remains with the parent. A decision to close or open school cannot take into account every circumstance. We can best protect the safety and welfare of all students if parents take an active role in deciding what is best for their student with regard to attendance.

  • Please keep in mind that any amount of snow or rain causes slower traffic. So even if the snowfall isn’t enough to cancel school, bus routes and traffic in general tend to take longer than usual.

  • Finally, we encourage all neighbors to take a little extra time to shovel sidewalks and bus stops to help keep our students and all residents safer.