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Our Hearts Go Out…
posted, Fri, December 14, 2012 | viewed 1038 times. | print friendly | send to a friend

Dec. 14, 2012  The Hawthorn community joins with the entire nation in extending our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this morning’s school shooting in Connecticut. While today’s shooting may be geographically removed from us, we all feel the impact very closely. The events undoubtedly weigh on all of our hearts and minds – including the hearts and minds of our children. For more information about our response, please review the December 17 Backpack Letter and read on.

In answer to parent questions, we want to let you know that Hawthorn has always given priority to maintaining the safest environment possible. In light of events such as today’s, we automatically review and reinforce our safety procedures and increase our vigilance on behalf of your students. While our schools are always locked and secured during the school day, during times like these we take extra precaution to be alert, aware and secure. We are also grateful to our partners at Vernon Hills Police Department, who were available in our buildings and around the community to provide an increased security presence.

Next week, social workers and staff will be available to any child who may be struggling with the events of today. If you know your child would benefit from such support, please don’t hesitate to contact your school principal. Please keep in mind that such support is always available to your child.

Thank you to all of our parents, staff and the wider community for helping us maintain a safe, secure school environment. Thank you for working with us to maintain security protocols.

Again, please join with us in holding the people of the Sandy Hook community in our hearts.